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An easy-to-use multi-tuner and metronome for various instruments
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Tuning a musical instrument is an art in itself, and it is ever more complicate when you are in a noisy backstage before an important show. In such a scenario, an electronic tuner would be very helpful. Nevertheless, most of the commercially available tuners only work for guitar, bass and maybe some other instruments. Enable Encore, however, is a program that allows you to tune almost any of the most common instruments and their variations. For example, you can tune both four- and five-stringed cellos, or four-, five- or six-stringed bass guitars. Also, in many cases, you can find several non-standard tunings, like the so-called "open" tunings for the guitar. And if you need some specific tuning not included in the presets, you can use the chromatic tuning feature, which lets you tune your instrument using any of the tones and semitones of the scale. If you want to train your ear, the program has a feature which emits the desired note for you to use it as a reference for ear-tuning your instrument.

The program also includes a useful metronome in which you can use preset tempos (largo, adaggio, presto, and so on), or adjust the beats per minute according to your needs. Also, you can set the sound of the metronome with realistic drums, bongo, clap, and other sounds.

Since there are many free tuning programs for guitar and bass, you may find this program useful only if you have a less common, more specialized instrument.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Easy to use
  • Good graphic interface


  • There are some free programs with the same capabilities
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